This is our story.

The founder of Burrito, Ron is a huge fan of authentic Mexican food. However, after travelling all over Australia to find the best Mexican restaurants,  he couldn't find anything close to the authentic flavours he tasted at one of his close mates Jose's home.

After spending months and months trying to get the right flavour as he tasted at Jose's home, Ron decided to call his mate and ask him the secret behind the salsa and Tacos he had at his home.
Jose asked Ron to come and meet his "Abue" (grandma) & the rest is history. Abue gave Ron her best-kept recipe of salsa and sauces that created a huge buzz in the community.

"Celebrate Your Happiness"  at any Burrito store and experience the real authentic street style Mexican. From Hand picked Avocados, and tangy lemons to freshly made Tortillas, everything is 100% fresh at Burrito.

Cold hard FACTS.

1. Tacos are good!

2. Beer is good!

(in moderation!)

3. Friends are good!

That's all!

“come on in for Burritos!”
Nos vemos pronto!
(See You Soon)